AnitaSweet - Stranger caught you up


AnitaSweet - Stranger caught you up
Custom order. Fantasy play. Role Play. It seems cool that a stranger caught up with you on the street and decided to meet you? But something went wrong and you are cut out. And after waking up, you see a nun with a veil on her head, completely dressed in black, not a piece of skin is visible. You cannot speak yet, you are in shock, but she already covers your mouth with duct tape and does not let you scream. She teases you by taking off the nun's costume and you see on her a black tight-fitting suit (zentai / ninja), she teases you and pulls out your dick, starting to masturbate him saying dirty things that embarrass, and then she undresses and starts to fuck you. You cannot move, you cannot run away, but you feel so good and you are so excited, that when a stranger shows her face you cum with her! And she takes off the tape gag and kisses you. Then she dresses back and makes you cut out again. "Sweet dreams, my love."

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role play dildo riding fantasy mask fetish zentai