Cali Logan - Batgirl Implanted: Pleasure and Pain


Cali Logan - Batgirl Implanted: Pleasure and Pain
In this Superheroine Parody... Diana Knight thinks she is on the road to riches after a very successful jewelry store robbery. What she doesn't realize is that some of the jewels were planted with tracking devices and Batgirl is hot on her tracks. It's not long before the confrontation occurs and a fight breaks out. The battle is back and forth, with each woman landing devastating blows on her opponent's face and body. Finally, Diana catches Batgirl off guard with a hard low blow. While Batgirl recovers, Diana pulls out a white rag leaving her completely out. This is Diana's chance to have some fun with Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes BatBitch. While she is out, Batgirl is implanted with a Pleasure and Pain Microchip. This will give Diana complete control over her Erogenous Zone. Upon awakening, Batgirl is riddled with her first weakening orgasm. Though she is completely humiliated and losing strength, Batgirl refuses to give in to Diana's evil plan. Diana simply laughs at the stubborn heroine and switches the device from Pleasure to Pain. As Batgirl writhes on the floor in pain, Diana's dominance becomes more and more obvious. Reluctantly Batgirl gives in. She is made to strip, bound, De-Masked and utterly embarrassed. This 22 minute clip includes Superheroine, Super Villain, Peril, Orgasms, Magic Control, Stripping, Embarrassment, Domination, Fight Scenes, bondage, Hog Tie, Handcuffs, De-Masking, Catsuits and Costumes. Starring Cali Logan and Diana Knight.

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