Cali Logan - Dr. Robot w/ Cali Logan & Hannah Perez


Cali Logan - Dr. Robot w/ Cali Logan & Hannah Perez
Cali hasn't been able to remedy her awful back pain on her own so she finally gives in and seeks professional help from Dr. Hannah Perez. Cali sits on the exam table and begins describing her problems. "Word has it your very outside of the box." says Cali. "Well I get creative in my various forms of treatments you could say." replies Dr. Perez. The Dr. begins the exam by massaging her shoulders. After a few seconds Cali is out light a light and falls backwards. The Dr. preps her patient for surgery. Cali is now undressed laying face down on a massage table. "We'll get your back fixed in a jiffy." says the Dr., talking to herself. "We'll get some other things fixed while we're at it and turn you into a top of the line bot." She begins the procedure by installing a a microchip panel in her patients back using various tools not usually found in a doctors office. "So, Calibot, I believe its time to get you charged up." Once fully charged, Dr. Perez flicks the power button on and instantly Calibot opens her eyes and sits up. In the next scene, Cali is dressed again and standing up. The Dr. begins to check her functions. "Motion Mode Activated!" says Calibot. She starts to walk around, her movements are very choppy and she begins to glitch. The more commands the Dr. gives the more it seems Calibot has a mind of her own. By the end of the scene both "women" have frozen in place. Then a male voice is heard and approaches them. It is now apparent that Dr. Perez is actually Hannahbot. He powers them back up but they both continue to malfunction hilariously. Calibot eventually disrobes Hannahbot. Calibot encounters a fatal error, shuts down and falls to the floor. The man then commands Hannahbot into "Dr. Mode". They continue to glitch so the man decides to keep the 2 bots in his personal collection. This clip runs 27 minutes long and includes robots, magic control, transformation fantasies, transfer fetish, humor, pov male.

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