Cali Logan - Gagme Inc- That's a Wrap


Cali Logan - Gagme Inc- That's a Wrap
Cali Logan walks in wearing just her bra and panties... and big ol piece of duct tape on her mouth!!! She gag talks and mumbles louder, and even though she’s clearly upset about something, you have no idea what she’s trying to say. Suddenly, Indica Fetish comes in wearing a blouse and skirt AND a duct tape gag just like Cali! But Indica is also holding a pair of handcuffs!! What could be the meaning of this?! Indica chances around Cali with the handcuffs... until you reach out AND SNATCH EM! Now, Cali and Indica are basically sitting in eachother’s laps and handcuffed to eachother!! You rip off their tape gags and demand that they kiss eachother... so their lips stick together with duct tape glue... Once you get tired of that... you duct that their mouths back together... and completely surrand wrap Cali and Indica together!!! For more gag talk!!! This clip runs 10.5 minutes long with POV, gag talk, damsel in distress, bondage, girl-girl kissing, mummification, duct tape, tape gag, and stuggling.

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kissing bondage damsel in distress gag talk struggling