Delphoxi - 2020 BEST SELLER| Quarantine Dog Fucking


Delphoxi - 2020 BEST SELLER| Quarantine Dog Fucking
2020 BEST SELLER | KNOTTED KNOTTING FETISH I'm only a couple days into this whole "social distancing", "quarantine" BS and I'm already about to go crazy! I haven't been able to invite random tinder dates over to fuck me and I'm going absolutely mad. I try to just masturbate to please myself but I desperately need a cock inside of me! Suddenly I realize there's been a cock right in front of me this whole times! THE FAMILY DOG! He's got a cock! Desperate times call for desperate measures! And no one will find out right? no harm in getting some cock into the nympho pussy of mine! Even if it is a knotted dog cock!! He such a good boy though! He'll keep my little quarantine secret!

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