Delphoxi - Cheat on Your GF With Me


Delphoxi - Cheat on Your GF With Me
We've been fucking for a few weeks now behind your girlfriends back. She has no idea what we're up to even though she's my roommate. You're over for a movie night and I send your girlfriend out to pick us up some take out so that we can be alone together. I can tell you're starting to feel bad about what we've been doing and you're hesitant to fuck me while she's gone, but I persuade you that it's okay and that she won't find out. You know I'm ovulating so you agree to have sex with me only if you can wear a condom. I agree, but keep telling you how much better it would feel if you just fucked me raw. I ride your cock doggy style and and brag that I love you cheating on your girlfriend with me and I finally persuade you to take off the condom and you fuck me raw! I put my feet up and show off the soles of my feet as I beg you to cum in my pussy and impregnate me !!

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