Delphoxi - Cucked by Your Dog


Delphoxi - Cucked by Your Dog
We've been out on a few dates and you're thinking today is the tay that you'll get lucky, but I have my own plans in mind. You take me to your place and I tease you! Saying we should fool around and that you should let me tie you up and that it would be sexy! You agree thinking I'm going to tie you and and fuck you! But once you're tied up I strip down and call your dog in! I spread my legs and take your dogs red rocket into my pussy while telling you how little and pathetic your dick is! And how your dog fucks me better! I tell you not to look away! You HAVE to watch every second of this! While you were in the other room I set up a secret camera! And I'll be sending this to everyone if you don't watch me take your dogs big knotted dick like a good boy! Your dog pounds away at me! Fucking me hard! I can tell he's about to cum! I pull his knotted red rocket out of my pussy and start jerking it in your face! I tell you to eat your dogs cum like I good boy or else I'll show everyone!

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