Drea_xoxo - Cruel Giantess 3


Drea_xoxo - Cruel Giantess 3
*Custom Request Ok maybe for this one I’m a shrunken man again. You Steal me and make a deal if I am your completely obedient slave for a month youll let me go. But if I complain or hesitate for even a second you’ll swallow me whole. The video contains me worshiping you in a lot of the ways you did in the last one. Can you make your feet look dirtier tho if possible? Maybe a post gym armpit scene where it looks sweaty. I like your teeth cleaning idea maybe you keep me in your panties etc. also explain how you won’t be feeding me so I’ll have to scavenge off of your body. Dirt grime sweat dry skin crumbs whatever I can find you don’t care it’s not your job to feed me. You keep me in your armpit overnight or in your socks etc. finally the month ends with me licking your armpit. A timer goes off signaling the end of the month. Your disappointed because I was obedient and didn’t disobey but you’re going to eat me any way because who fucking cares your a giantess goddess

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