Drea_xoxo - Giantess Q&A


Drea_xoxo - Giantess Q&A
*Custom Request Can you do a Giantess Q&A with these questions How did you begin in this world of giantess? What was your first opinion of this? How do you feel about the idea of being a giantess? do you like it? whats your favorite part of being a giantess? If there were tiny people (2 cm) and the pet store sells them like cheap pets, do you think you would buy them? Do you think you would be mean or gentle with them? Do you think you could smash them unpurpose? if you sat on one do you think he could survive? If these tiny pets existed when you were a girl do you think you would treat them rude or how it could be? If you had a shrinking ray would you use it? If yes, In what circumstances would you have used it and what would you have done with the shrunken ones? If one day your worst enemies or hard criminals appear in a tiny box shrinked, do you think you could smash them? if yes how would you do it? If you had to attack a city, which one would you choose and how would you do it? Do you stomp on bugs? If the answer is yes, which ones?  How do you think they see you? Have you ever sat on one unpurpose?

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