Drea_xoxo - Mom shrinks stepson


Drea_xoxo - Mom shrinks stepson
While driving for a long trip, Mom gets bored of the drive and decides to shrink her step son. Once he wakes He notices that shes so much bigger now. She enjoys teasing him. Puts him in her mouth while driving. Flicking him around with her tongue to help keep her from being bored on the long drive. When she has to stop for gas, she decides to put him in her panties. For safe keeping. Once to their vacation spot Mom pulls shrunken step son out of her panties, kind of enjoying him down there she plays a little with him. Then While eating dinner she teases him more. With how small he is compared to her food now. Eventually telling him that she is going to keep him shrunken the whole trip and that she is going to swallow him whole.

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