Drea_xoxo - Shrunken Rioters


Drea_xoxo - Shrunken Rioters
*Custom Request Premise: you are on a trip to Japan as a tourist. You suddenly come across a riot going on pitting an organized westerner riot group and the local police and civilians. You decide to test your secret shrinking ray on them to have some fun. Vid starts here. You are now standing in front of the camera where the riot now has appeared. You see thousands on the floor, both the western riot group (black glitter) and the japanese riot police (red glitter) (place the glitter forming a thin veil on the floor mixing them up like in the screenshot below).  So you go on the floor announcing yourself and siding with one of the groups. You decide which side to support and c* the other one in whole or in part. Also express the reasoning behind your choice is better to give the vid some meaning. C* is done with feet, finger, plus vore. You can pick them up pressing with your finger on them and watch them squirm. In regards to foot c*, use toe or front part of foot.  Teasing is done with threats, close c**, flicking, blowing some, pick some and release them, lick some then try disentangle them from your tongue, verbal dialogue.  No need for helicopters reference. If included consider them being police helicopters or news helicopters.  Describe what you see and interact with + scenes to be included to prompt dialogue: if protesters are targeted they fight back throwing things at her or fleeing panicking, if cops are targeted they fight back or flee and order to stop (either way you barely feel things thrown at you). No accidental c** so try avoiding c* the side supported being careful where your feet/finger lands. At the end of the vid you pick the ray (use a cellphone or a tv controller) and unshrink the remaining side pointing the ray at them.  Camera work: On the floor the cam should be placed on the ground. Check screenshots for reference below.

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sfw giantess shrinking fetish crush