Ginary - Heavenly & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Date 2/3


Ginary - Heavenly & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Date 2/3
Part 2 of 3… Nikki Brooks and Heavenly sit on the couch, and Nikki suggests they have a little game - a farting lap dance. They will test their wills, and see whose gas can make the other submit. Heavenly goes first, stripping and giving Nikki a farting lap dance. The ladies have a beverage to make them a little more gassy and horny, then Nikki takes her turn and gives Heavenly a farting lap dance as she motorboats her tits. Watch to see who wins this little test of wills, and gets to control the weekend! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Heavenly or Nikki? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated*

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strip tease ass grabbing lap dance striptease ass grinding