kittenrawr - Little Girl, Big Bear


kittenrawr - Little Girl, Big Bear
Playing with big bear like the sweet and innocent little girl that i am, but the way big bear looks at me and seduces me turns me on. He is just so BIG and cozy. I could'nt help but rub myself on him to tease him a little. Such a bad big bear. Dirty thoughts start rushing through my head, i want big bears cock soo bad. I want to see it and feel it. So i keep teasing him until he just cant hold back any longer. All of a sudden, there goes bad big bears cock growing hard and ready for me. I start sucking on it.. i've never felt this before. "Did my bear really get hard for me? or is this just a dream?" I want to feel big bear inside me now, so i begin to ride and fuck him. Big bear is so good to me, he holds me at night and makes me feel safe. The least i can do for him is show him how much i appreciate him. I keep riding him in different positions until we both cum. "This is our little secret, now don't go telling all my other stuffed animals' big bear, you hear?" -- This is my first time making a video recorded with two cameras, with my iPhone 7 being used for closer shots. Lots of different camera views,angles and close ups

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