kittenrawr - Little Step Brother


kittenrawr - Little Step Brother
This was a custom, the name kim is said a few times & the buyer wanted me to dress like a reindeer during the holiday) Im the oldest around the house and im used to having to do everything but i really need my step brothers help this time so i go up to his room and catch him watching hentai. It really catches me off guard, but it also really turns me on. My step brother has never had sex before but hes very curious about what a real pussy and mouth feels like. I tell him everything im about to do to him before starting and then begin by giving him a blowjob. I know hes excited because as soon as i unzip his pants his small cock is hard and ready. His little cock feels so good in my mouth, i can only imagine how it feels inside me. Ive never had a virgin cock before, all the men ive had were experienced. I want to show my brother what hes been missing out on and i want him to remember me like i remember my first time. Then i fuck him until we both cum

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