Legendarylootz - Fucktoy Makoto Serves her Boss


Legendarylootz - Fucktoy Makoto Serves her Boss
I've been working at your bar to pay off a debt. You've made me wear a buttplug all day, I'm annoyed at first but I admit it does feel good. Tonight before I leave you tell me that I need to serve you. You ask for a lapdance, I try.. but I'm nervous and everyone here is watching. You hand me a pill and tell me to take it. After a few minutes I start feeling really good.. I;m not nervous anymore.. I start enjoying being a slut for you and having everyone watch me. I show my ass, strip, twerk, and grind on your cock. I go on to tell you how hot it is that everyone checks me out all the time, all of my teachers, p33rs, etc.. I secretly love it. If I submit to you and become your pet can I have another pill? I put on a collar and pull out your dick, sucking you off before riding you. I dirty talk and ride you hard until we both cum.

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