Lila Lovely - House Rules


Lila Lovely - House Rules
POV you're my sons friend, Brett, and you stop by my house. I explain that Steven, my son, is not home. I offer to that he can stay and wait until he gets home, which you quickly oblige. I then realize that you have been stopping over often without my son being home. It's all coming together now, YOU have a crush on me!! I call you out on it and see that you're getting more excited. I'm curious as I can see you getting very hard. It seems to me that we need to get past this crush situation and have you work it out. I tell you to take out your cock You're MUCH bigger than I expected! I direct you to pull it out and stroke it for me! I tease you by stripping off my dress and show off my voluptuous body for you to worship as you stroke. You can't believe what's happening and jerk you're cock furiously. I encourage you to cum for me and when you do its a HUGE amount! Again, I'm impressed but tell you to quickly clean up before Steven gets home.

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