Lila Lovely - Lila Lovely Sprained Ankle JOI


Lila Lovely - Lila Lovely Sprained Ankle JOI
You take Lila out on a date on a boat and she ends up slipping on the deck and sprains her ankle bad. She’s mortified but you tend to her injury immediately. The next morning you come back to check on her. You bring in all the supplies she will need for the next few weeks including a cane, shower chair, bandages and flowers. Lila is beyond appreciative for your kindness! She props herself up on the couch and starts changing her bandages. Then Lila begins wrapping her foot in the ace bandage. You’ve prepared ice packs for her as well and she situates them on her foot. You stare at her cute toes poking out of the bandage and begin getting turned on. Lila starts rubbing her pretty swollen toes and wiggling them. She notices the bulge in your pants and asks if your getting turned on by her sprained ankle. You can’t deny it and Lila tells you to rub your boner on her foot. You rub it against her bandaged foot and she tells you to take it out and stroke it so you can watch! She gets excited and begins instructing you how to jerk it for her. She begins counting you down and begs you to cum on her pretty toes. She’s so satisfied that she invites you to come back over tomorrow to take care of her again!

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