Lila Lovely - The Hard Sell


Lila Lovely - The Hard Sell
Finny asks me to retrieve the last of his clothes from his ex’s house, my sister. Last summer when I visited Finny, he and I ended up fucking and we even did it in the same bed as my sister! So Finny thinks this is all my fault. But it takes 2 to tango! He’s been staying in a nice hotel room moping around. When I drop by I toss him his things and update him on my life. He’s still disinterested and looking all sad. I tell him the best way to get over an ex is to get with the next! Since we’re technically not related anymore, what’s the big deal right? He can’t argue with me, I’m very convincing. We get right into it and start turning the mood around! He sucks on my big tits, Oils my ass, we 69 each other and then he pounds my pretty pink pussy! I’ve got a busy schedule so I immediately get cleaned up and tell Finny I’ll say hi to my sister for him.

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