MeganMarxxx - Wt wrinkly feet JOI


MeganMarxxx - Wt wrinkly feet JOI
I'm naked in the tub, showing off all my goodies for you. Everything but what you really want to see. You hardly care that I'm naked if you're not seeing what you truly crave. You want my delicious big feet. I'll let you see them if you do one thing for me... you have to jerk your cock. That shouldn't be too hard should it? I know you're already hard from me teasing my wet toes. I wave me wrinkly feet in front of your face. Don't you wish you could just get a taste? It's almost as if you could just reach out and grab them. I stretch and scrunch my toes for you, and I make sure you get to see every part of my wet feet for you to jerk to. My bubble bath is full of bubbles that I put all over my yummy feet. When you're getting close to cumming I give you a countdown, and you have to cum at the end. I count down as i talk to you dirty, my feet all in your face making it impossible not to cum. I love being your little foot whore, having my feet covered in your load. I'll let you go for now... but I know you'll be back for more.

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