Misty Meaner - FREAKY ARCADE ft. Jordan Skye


Misty Meaner - FREAKY ARCADE ft. Jordan Skye
Jordyn and Misty arrive at Space Master arcade to play some games. They are dressed like sluts, but the attendant doesn't seem to give a damn and gives them their tokens to go play. They enter the arcade and start playing all the games, having a blast, twerking, taking their tops off and being giddy slutty girls. They bring their winning tickets back to the attendant to check out the prizes and immediately set their sights on the shiny black box almost hidden in the pile of candy and other prizes. They INSIST they want whatever is in that box...the attendant is hesitant but eventually passes it over and they open it to find a PINK DOUBLE ENDED DILDO! They are overjoyed and bring it back into the arcade to fuck eachothers faces and pussies all over all the arcade games! TONS of squirting all over the ski ball...air hockey table...everything! They don't care if they break the games...they are having way too much fun! Pussy eating and dildo fucking eachother into exctasy!

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