Misty Meaner - Glam Rock Whores


Misty Meaner - Glam Rock Whores
Shanice and Misty show up at a warehouse to practice for their upcoming gig for their girl band group The Utilities! It look a little shady but they head inside to wait for Gia, who has all the instruments with her. Since Gia is late, they practice their dance moves...Misty is horrible at dancing and Shanice tries again and again to show her the steps. Misty asks Shanice to take off her shoes....so she can get the steps better...Shanice obliges and Misty ogles Shanice's feet and ass while she shows her the steps. Misty asks Shanice to PLEASE take off her pants so she can REALLY see the moves...Shanice does so and Misty stares at Shanice's amazing jiggly ass instead of learning the steps... Once Misty "gets it", they wonder where the hell Gia is and begin to investigate the warehouse and fine SEX TOYS? This must be some kind of sex toy manufacture warehouse, they are everywhere! Gia is still MIA so Misty suggests they use their time and play with the toys. Shanice isn't super excited but agrees they should get their moneys worth. they play with a double ended dildo and make eachother squirt, when Gia knocks on the door. The girls don't want her to think they were wasting time so they pretend like the roof was leaking and get dressed. Little do they know Gia planned this entire thing and shows up without any of the instruments...instead she brought MORE DILDOS! Gia gets spit roasted and fucked in the ass, takes all the squirt to her face and takes a HUGEEEEEEE anal toy all the way in her b-hole. This is better than band practice, for sur

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