SophiaSinclair - Cucking You with My BBC Stud


SophiaSinclair - Cucking You with My BBC Stud
This is a custom audio! Order one for yourself today Buyer Comment: So the basic idea. You would be playing my loving but slutty fiancée. We recently got engaged. We are still very happy and in love. But, over the past six months our relationship has changed. It stated when you found out about my fantasy of watching you with an other man. You were shocked but eventually you agreed to try it. You got hooked from the fist time. From then over the past six months you transformed into a complete slut. You’ve pushed thing way beyond what we talked about. You’ve even stated to openly and publicly cheat on me. In a bit of a twisted way you find cheating and publicly humiliating me...romantic. It shows you that no matter what you do or how far you push things. I will still support you. Tonight was our engagement party. Everyone was surprised when you showed up a bit late with a bbc date. You spend the party being a complete slut in front of all our friends and family. You make out, get groped and fucked by your bbc date. Maybe some of the men at the party even join in passing you around. Including some of my friends and family. The audio would start with you slipping into bed when they are finally done using you. You cuddle up to me still full of / covered in cum. You playfully start telling me all the nasty kinky things you did tonight. Teasing me about how I’m marring such a big slut. How even my dad and my friends fucked you. Maybe you even introduced my mom and sis to bbc. Teasing me about how turned on I am. Laughing that you are so happy to be getting married to such an “understanding” husband. That a real man wouldn’t get hard hearing about his fiancée being used and passed around. You still have one more surprise for me. An engagement present. You are pregnant! That at our wedding in six months, you will walk down the aisles pregnant and showing.

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