SophiaSinclair - Custom Smoke and Suck


SophiaSinclair - Custom Smoke and Suck
You just got home from work, you’re seated and you tell your slave to get you a beverage. While he’s gone you light a cigarette and open your pants and pull your cock out. When he gets back make him open your beverage and tell him you had a hard day and you need to relax while he sucks your cock. He doesn’t really want to but he does what you say. You instruct him while he sucks, telling him not to use his hands and not to touch his cock. Tell him you want a nice slow deep blowjob, really encouraging him to go deeper and deeper. Occasionally blow your smoke into his face while he sucks, also grab his head and push it, making him stay down longer and longer. Laughing when he gags and telling him how you love to make him gag on it. Be as bitchy as possible, and hard to please. Near the end you remove your top and tease him with your tits a little. To end, tell him he needs to practice more, then tell him to go make dinner while you watch tv, for dessert he can eat your pussy.

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