SophiaSinclair - P33 Desperation for Daddy


SophiaSinclair - P33 Desperation for Daddy
This is a custom clip! Order one for yourself today Buyer Comment: "For this you'll be daddy's girl, you'll be wearing a really short skirt, thong panties and whatever top you like. For the most part you can improvise the line, this is just what I see in my head. Anyways. It'll start off you standing up, already grabbing between your legs and p33 dancing saying " daddy, can I go potty? I've been trying to hold it like a big girl daddy but I have to p33p33 really bad!" You'll go on p33 dancing, grabbing yourself and crossing your legs trying to hold it and expressing how bad you need to p33 and begging to go. At one point you'll say " oh daddy, Im gonna wet my panties, take them off?" You'll hesitate but then slide them off, then you sit down on a chair ( or anything really) then you'll say " spread my legs? But daddy, I'm not wearing any panties, you'll see my private parts, if I show you my private parts, will you let me go potty?" You then spread your legs showing your pussy. After a bit you'll say " this is so embarrassing, are you done daddy? I can't hold it, I'm gonna have an accident, oh no it's coming out!" ( If you can, I'd love to hear whimpering/crying here) You'll squirt once or twice like you're struggling to hold it, then you let loose and p33 until you're empty. Then you'll say "I'm sorry I had an accident daddy, I told you I couldn't hold it " and then it ends."

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