TessaTryst - Fat Neighbor Makes You Stroke For Huge T


TessaTryst - Fat Neighbor Makes You Stroke For Huge T
Thanks for coming over and helping me fix my laptop, neighbor. Before you go, though, one last thing. I couldn't help but notice your gaze moving downward several times. And... I'm prepared to give you what you want. I'll show you my big 40DDD tits and let you jerk off to them.. but you have to do it the way I tell you to! I start out teasing you a little, making you stroke slowly to promises of seeing my big tits. But when I take them out of my bra, they're even bigger than they looked before! My huge, heavy breasts overflow from my hands as I hold and squeeze them. I play with my nipples as I encourage you to stroke a little faster, bouncing them for you and delighting in how horny it makes you. But what I really want is for you to give me a huge fucking load. Show me how much you want to cum on my big BBW tits!

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