TheEricJohn - Aleksa Nicole Likes to Perform


TheEricJohn - Aleksa Nicole Likes to Perform
Aleksa Nicole is dressed and ready to go in her pink leopard panties and super pink bra as she shows off for Eric John. She starts with a short strip tease right before she slurps down his long hot cock. She grabs it with both hands, goes deep, slobbers all over it, and nearly loses it in her mouth. Take a view from Eric’s POV as he controls the camera while she blows him. She sucks those balls hard and gets frisky with his head. Finally she gets her turn and he gets tongue deep in her wet achy pussy. Eric jerks his cock and eats her cunt as she moans and coos. Then he gets his chance to slide in her snatch as he pounds his way into her orgasm while onlookers comment and admire the process. Eric goes deep and really shows her what he can do. She then presents her ass first to Eric and gets a long hard doggy style session that gets her worked up in a frenzy. Then it’s time for a little side saddle action as they lay on their sides and Eric lifts her leg up to get her some good hard dicking. She gives him a break and goes for another oral session before it's time for Aleksa to mount and get her thrusting the way she wants. Her ass is rocking back and forth and she gets her pussy juice all over his cock. Then she reverse mounts him and gets him close to the edge. Then he stands over her and unleashes a fountain of jizz all over her chest. Aleksa definitely loves performing.

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