TheEricJohn - Alix Lovell is a Messy Cocksucker


TheEricJohn - Alix Lovell is a Messy Cocksucker
When a stunning goddess like Alix Lovell lies before you, it’s hard to resist the urge to worship her. Eric John feels the same way as he begins to slowly kiss and lick her delectable feet. She looks absolutely lovely with a cock in her mouth as she gets on her knees and gets a good taste of his penis. She holds his dick sternly as she takes his girth as far back in her throat as she can. She can’t help herself as she licks all around his shaft to get a taste of his large cock. With her beautiful curly hair and her mesmerizing eyes, witnessing Alix giving head is a sight to truly behold!  Alix then slips out of her tan panties and shows us her cute pussy. Eric starts to eat her out as she moans in ecstatic pleasure. Alix Lovell is a purely stunning beauty that would make anyone want to worship her body. She’s ready for some cock as she lies on her back ready for Eric John to penetrate her. Alix’s gorgeous breasts bounce as she takes his dick in her tight pussy. With her sexy leg raised high in the air, he gets a good angle to plow her deeply as she moans loudly at the amazing feeling of his dick. Alix then puts her sexy heels to good use and gives him a nice shoe job. His penis is stroked by her shoes as she shows off her foot expertise. Then he bends Alix over to get a good licking of her sweet pussy before giving it to her doggy style. She moans happily as he fills her hole with his thick cock. With her sexy heels, Alix Lovell sure knows how to look good taking some dick! Alix and her sexy heels are the ultimate combination. Eric John feels the same way as he immediately starts eating out her pussy from behind. He then gives it to her doggy style as She grips the bed sheets from the intense feeling of having her tight pussy filled. Her tits rock back and forth with all the thrusting from behind. She then happily engulfs his massive cock in her mouth and drenches it completely. She deep throats his dick as far back as she can take it, gracing it with her tongue from the base to the tip of the head. She then hops on his dick and rides him with her sexy heels on. She grinds her hips back and forth to ensure his cock gives her pussy the absolute best sensation. Her cute ass jiggles as she rides him non stop. Alix sure knows how to please her partner...even with her heels on! Impressive!

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