TheEricJohn - Casey Calvert the Girl Next Door


TheEricJohn - Casey Calvert the Girl Next Door
Casey Calvert looks like the girl next door, but she's so much naughtier than that. She sucks on scene partner Eric John's cock, just working the head. Sucking and stroking with just her mouth, working it deeper and deeper, then her hand comes into play stroking the shaft. With Casey cocksucking is an art form and one she's worked hard to perfect. Eric then returns the oral favor licking her pretty pussy. It's time for penetration, Casey holds her legs open playing with her clit as he slides that dick into her tight pussy. He picks up the pace right away, and she exhales with each thrust of the dick. She's totally naked now except her metallic gold high heels. She grips at the bed sheets as Eric manipulates her legs putting her in slightly modified positions changing the sensations. They switch to doggy style but Eric loves the view so much he stops to lick some ass and eat pussy before the fucking continues. After a bit of doggy she goes flat on her belly and Eric stays on top getting really deep. Maybe it's a perverted thing to say, but Casey looks so damn sexy sucking dick. She gets a firm grip on Eric's balls as she sucks his cock, only letting go when she wants to stroke it a bit. But then she sits on his face, and they sixty-nine before she rides his cock. She strips off those gold heels showing really cute bare feet. Eric has enjoyed this scene so much when the sex is done he rests his cock on Casey's face and the slightest movement makes him spray a huge load all over her neck and tits. But not done yet, he fucks her some more building up a second pop that lands all over her stomach.

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