TheEricJohn - Crazy Edyn


TheEricJohn - Crazy Edyn
Pornstar Edyn Blair has gone crazy this Halloween, and the only thing that keeps her from losing her mind is getting some big cock to play with. It's just what the doctor ordered. Eric John is more than happy to help out this p00r slutty mental case. In a straight jacket for her own safety, Eric eats her hairy pussy trying to calm her down. Once he feels it's safe, he frees her arms and gives her his cock as a pacifier. She sucks the dick like a crazy person. Good sex is the way to mental health and since Edyn has lost her mind Eric believes a good fuck will set her straight. He slides his big dick into her needy pussy. It's hard to say if this is making her better or crazier. She makes all kinds of sounds and when he takes a little break she's so horny she continues playing with her pussy trying to get off. He fucks her some more cumming on her stomach and pussy. Maybe the mental illness is spreading because she sits on his face making him eat her pussy. After, they fuck some more in doggy style, and then she worships his cock and balls with her mouth and hands. She wants more dick, so she sits on Eric guiding that cock into her pussy. She rides him enjoying each penetrating thrust of the dick. She spins around riding in reverse, her red bush swallowing Eric's dick. He slides his dick across her face cumming on her tits. But they're not done yet, they fuck some more in sp00n before he cums again on her pussy.

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