TheEricJohn - Exterminator


TheEricJohn - Exterminator
Savana Styles is checking on her property when she finds her exterminator Eric John freaking out about giant sized spiders and organized ant armies. This isn’t a simple bug extermination job, these are mutant insects. She finally gets him to calm down, she really needs this job done and if he comes each day to combat the insects she’ll reward him with all three holes to please him. Eric isn’t shy, unzipping his jumpsuit and pulling out his cock. It's already hard just at the mere mention of sex. She sucks his big dick, slurping on his cock, her pretty pillowing lips wrap around it. She gets naked and he titty fucks her, she likes using her whole body to please a lover, after using her breasts she uses her bare feet stroking his cock. He eats her pretty pussy then fucks her, she moans because it feels so damned good. She likes to think of herself as a good employer. Who else would reward a submissive employee with the use of her pussy? She rubs her clit as they fuck wanting to cum on that exterminator dick. She rides his cock getting super turned on, then to make good on her promise to let him use all three holes she switches into reverse cowgirl but guides his cock into her ass. She bounces up and down getting that ass filled with Eric’s big dick. He cums all over her pretty backside.

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