TheEricJohn - Glamour Model Cameron Dee Does Porn


TheEricJohn - Glamour Model Cameron Dee Does Porn
Cameron Dee is a classy, gorgeous blonde in a dress with high heels to match. Her make up is on, her hair styled, and her nails freshly manicured. But it just so happens this classy lady gives a mean blowjob. She sucks at Eric John's dick with a passion; she's not just going through the motions she loves having a cock in her mouth, and it shows. It's such a good blowjob that the usually talkative Eric is silent, pleasured into a near wordless trance. Twelve minutes into the stellar oral sex Cameron strips out of her dress and reveals big natural breasts. She continues sucking until Eric can't take it, he wants that pussy. She lies back, and he fucks her; wanting more stimulation she pulls out a vibrator and pleasures her clit as they fuck. As expected, the sexy Cameron has a cute ass as she bends over, and takes Eric's cock in doggystyle. She still holds that vibrator to her clit doubling the sensation. She's such an insatiable horny girl, even as Eric takes a sex break she continues vibrating her pussy. Her natural breasts are so fuckable Eric does just that, titty fucking her before she sucks his dick some more. She plays with his balls as she works the shaft and slaps the dick against her tongue. She rides his cock, her ass bouncing up and down with each thrust. She builds up the pleasure until he cums all over her tits.

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