TheEricJohn - Heather Lexi Does a Fine Job


TheEricJohn - Heather Lexi Does a Fine Job
Some more sexy fun from Erotique! Originally simulcast on ErotiqueTVlive, here we have the amazingly sultry Heather Lexi, and she cannot get enough of Eric John and hislarge cock! Be it in her tight little mouth or rubbing between her tits, she wants to make sure he is completely satisfied! She doesn't neglect his big swing balls either, and soon Eric is fully ready to fuck! He starts slow, gently working it in and out of Heather, making sure she is able to handle what he is packing. Gradually, he picks up a pace, before switching positions and getting her doggy style with a great view the entirety of Eric's long cock sliding into her! The pair lay on their side, with her long legs spread, eagerly taking his huge dong! After getting pounded from behind, Heather has to show what she can do, and she rides Eric for everything he has! Watching her cute ass bounce up and down, taking every inch of this massive cock, is a sight to behold! Of course, you know this ends with her getting completely covered with his hot load, and he even pops off twice for good measure!

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