TheEricJohn - Heather Vahns Banging Body


TheEricJohn - Heather Vahns Banging Body
Heather Vahn is a regular on Erotique Entertainment’s live cam show and it’s really not hard to see why, even before she’s naked you can she what a banging body she has. And she looks so damn sexy with a cock in her mouth; she gets Eric John’s cock all moist with her spit. But it’s not just a thing to do before the sex like a box to be checked before moving on, she enjoys it. She’s playful and goal driven, and Eric even says “No one turns me on as much as you.” Must be true because he very vigorously eats her pussy. Being so turned on, Eric needs to be inside her, he needs to feel the warmth of her pussy tight around his cock gripping it as he thrusts in and out of her. She squeezes her perfect augmented tits as they fuck, and she moans matching the rhythm of his thrusting dick. As you watch this, I have a question; is there a bad angle on this stunning woman? Watch as she takes dick in different positions and see if you see an inch of her that doesn’t arouse you.

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