TheEricJohn - Hey PerVerta Whats with the Rope


TheEricJohn - Hey PerVerta Whats with the Rope
What’s with the rope? PerVerta is a kinky girl and today she’s shown up for Eric John’s camshow with a rope. She wraps it around her neck and then ties each end to an ankle so when she straightens her legs the rope tightens around her neck so she can do breath play all by herself. Stretching her legs out and rubbing her pussy her face turns slightly purple. She’s wearing a burgundy corset trimmed with black lace, lace thigh high stockings and a black skirt. Getting a bit gothic, she also has on long burgundy silk gloves. As she sucks Eric’s cock she strokes it with her gloved hands. Then with panties to the side and rope tightening around her neck, Eric fucks her. Heather joins PerVerta and Eric and the girls work as a team sucking his cock. Heather unties PerVerta’s bonds and sucks on her tit as Eric fucks her. They share his penis taking turns with it, now it’s PerVerta’s turn climbing on and riding it. Heather thinks that’s a pretty good idea and rides his face. Then PerVerta gets behind Heather letting her suck Eric’s dick as he eats her pussy and she eats Heather’s ass. Lining up in a perverted sex train, PerVerta licks Heather’s pussy while Eric licks PerVerta. Getting her pussy nice and wet Eric fucks her in doggystyle, her ebony ass looks good, her dark pussy lips wrapping around and stretching for Eric’s big dick. They continue trading his cock until finally he puts his dick between both their mouths pushed together, one on the right and one on the left and fucks their lips until he cums.

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