TheEricJohn - Jay Taylors Bad Ass Boots


TheEricJohn - Jay Taylors Bad Ass Boots
A woman with a fashion sense is a woman to be worshiped and the wonderful Jay Taylor has quite the taste in shoes. Jay lies on her stomach, showing off her black heel boots, ready to be admired by shoe lover Eric John. He slowly kisses her legs and ass before making his way to her wonderful shoes. With such a beauty laying before him, he starts penetrating Jay, making her moan softly as her leg dangles on his shoulder. He then slips off her boots and removes her socks to unveil her beautiful slender feet. With her completely nude on the bed, they begin to fuck sideways, giving Eric a chance to worship her beautiful feet and penetrate her at the same time. He rubs her smooth pale soles all over his face, making sure to kiss every inch of them. Jay squeals and moans with pleasure as his huge cock fills her wet pussy and his mouth savors and sucks on her pretty toes. These two rock back and forth as they can’t seem to get enough of the pleasure they’re feeling. With a goddess like Jay Taylor on your bed, you are guaranteed to have a real good time!

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