TheEricJohn - Mom’s Lover


TheEricJohn - Mom’s Lover
Even though she’s of age Alison Rey is tired of feeling like a little girl, she’s very aware of all her mom’s torrid affairs and great lovers and she just wants to experience life and lust like that. So knowing her mother’s current lover is coming over she gets all dressed up in some sexy lingerie, including a garter and stockings and pairs that with a tight skirt and top. She lights candles setting the perfect mood and waits for Eric John to arrive. When he does she lures him up to the guest bedroom and explains she would like to know what it’s like to be made love to like he makes love to her mother. He’s nervous but how can he deny this gorgeous woman wanting her pussy licked? She lies back and plays with her pussy. He goes for eating that pretty pussy like Alison has never experienced before. Alison has her Mother’s lover right where she wants him, stuffing his big cock into her inexperienced pussy. She spreads her legs and holds her panties to the side as he slides into her. She’s never been fucked by a man before and it makes her feel so special, so adult. He kisses on her feet as he thrusts into her. She plays with her clit and can’t believe how cool his cock feels in her pussy, how it fills her up. She strips naked keeping on the garter and stockings, Eric is a kinky guy and positions her feet on his dick showing her how to jerk his cock with her feet. But she wants him in her again, she wants that feeling again, so she sucks on his big dick. Then she sits on him, her nice ass bouncing up and down as she fucks him. She wants to make the experience last, feel him and please him in as many positions as she can think of, he fucks her from behind making her cum and then they lie on their sides her pussy squeezing his cock until he has to pull out and cum all over her thigh.

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