TheEricJohn - Morning Sex With Mia Austin


TheEricJohn - Morning Sex With Mia Austin
If the morning starts with Mia Austin, it is going to be an excellent day. In another sizzling video for ErotiqueTV, porn-lotto winner Eric John has a bit of time with Mia. He takes his time, worshipping at the altar of Mia, expertly kissing and nuzzling over her body, before working his way down to her red panty clad cleft. With time for a soft and caring buildup, it isn't long before she has her red matching heels high up in the air, and Eric buried to the hilt in her pussy. Transfixed on Ms. Austin's noises of pleasure, he pushes his prowess in and out in rhythm. It is now time for the erotic Mia to show off her oral skills on Eric. With an expert-level blowjob on his incredibly long cock, Mia claims the right to ride it until she is finished. All her beauty is on display, taking every inch Eric can give. So cute and with such a wonderful body, one can see why she is so popular. A few smoking hot minutes later, Mia is on all fours, and Eric fucks her from behind until his own orgasm, shooting cum all over her ass!

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