TheEricJohn - Mystery Lover Returns


TheEricJohn - Mystery Lover Returns
Joining Eric John is his famous bedroom for a live sex show is woman of mystery…wearing black bra and panties, black high heels, and a black mask, she reclines on Eric’s bed, legs spread, as he eats her pussy. She’s beautifully tanned and slim, with long, light brown hair, and she really enjoys vibrators. She also sucks a mean dick, as she demonstrates with Eric, kneeling in front of him and sucking him off as she strokes his gigantic cock and plays with his balls. As she sucks, she slips off her bra, revealing pert tits and stiff nipples as she double-hands his cock. Soon naked except for her high heels and mask, she enjoys more oral loving from Eric before he slides his cock deep inside her wet pussy. She teases her clit with a vibrator as he fucks her, moaning and nearly cumming; he dramatically adding to her satisfaction by sliding his cock into her wet pussy and fucking her doggy-style. She moans and clutches a pillow as he fucks her from behind, grabbing her tan, slim hips for leverage as he rails her. Mounting Eric, she rides him, squeezing his cock with her tight pussy as she grinds herself on his cock. Legs spread wide, she adds her vibrator to the mix and cums as Eric pounds her. After satisfying his secret lover, Eric pulls out and showers her tits with jizz, leaving her happy, exhausted, as still shrouded in mystery as the scene ends.

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