TheEricJohn - Raven Dawn Aims To Please


TheEricJohn - Raven Dawn Aims To Please
You asked for an encore performance, and she delivered! Raven Dawn has returned, in all her blonde haired, tight bodied, sweet, and sexy ways. After a few pleasantries with people watching on webcast, Eric John hops up on the bed, and Raven goes to work on his big screen double feature dick! She sucks like it is an Olympic event, with plenty of eye contact thrown in for good measure. After a little bit of time, Eric has parted her legs, and is feasting on the sweet nectar between. Sufficiently worked up, she then gets impaled on the cock she made hard, and it is a glorious sight indeed! Legs open, body on full display, sinfully getting fucked. A flip over and doggystyle later, Raven goes back to sucking his dick. Of course she sets out to please, and please she does! She climbs on top of Eric John, and the sexy scene starts with his outstanding phallus working in and out of her. Of course she spins around and keeps going! We all get a full wonderful view of her impeccable body, as she moans in the grip of ecstasy. It's great to see her back shooting with Erotique, her and Eric have made some greats scenes so far. This scene is right in line with the others, as the gorgeous Raven ends up with a face full of cum!

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