TheEricJohn - She Wants That Cock


TheEricJohn - She Wants That Cock
Incredible blonde MILF Erica Lauren joins our hero in this epic episode of Eric John’s Sex Adventures. Laughing as they banter on his leopard skin couch, sexy Lauren tells Eric that despite her age, she’s hornier than ever and proves it by wrapping her pink lips around Eric’s massive cock and getting him hard. As she sucks, she does a pussy check and deems it wet! Erica fingers herself as she sucks Eric, inspiring Eric to strip Erica down to her high heels. She gazes at him with beautiful green eyes and happily accepts Eric’s tongue when he returns the oral favor, licking her wet pussy as she narrates the erotic action. He rubs his cock on her feet before sliding inside her warm, tight pussy. She groans with pleasure and surprise as he fucks her, truly shocked by how large he is. Riding Eric, she shows off her remarkable, all-natural body and light blonde, dick-filled bush. As Eric drives the scene toward its finale, he fucks Erica doggystyle. “Oh my! Oh, my goodness!”, Erica says, still not used to the size of Eric’s massive dick as he pounds away. Giggling as Eric pulls out for the last time, Erica drops to her knees and takes a massive facial and body shot. Shiny with cum, she smiles and licks Eric’s cock as the scene fades.

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