TheEricJohn - Three Loads


TheEricJohn - Three Loads
Eric John gets an easy gig interviewing the amazing pornstar and redhead bombshell Jessica Ryan; it’s been a while since these two worked together, and they catch up with Eric reminiscing about the kinky foot and shoe fetish scene they’ve done in the past. Eric starts kissing on her feet, and she says a fetish of hers is watching a guy jerk off, so he pulls out his cock and strokes it. It doesn’t take too long before he has his cock between her heels and fucks her shoes. Jessica talks dirty with the best of them, she instructs him to keep jerking off as she strips naked. She kneels on the couch sucking his big dick, she’s a naughty, naughty girl. Spreading her legs she shows off her pretty pink pussy and bush, Eric can’t help but worship that pretty cunt eating it up. She plays with her freshly eaten pussy looking up at Eric and asks a very simple question “What are you going to do with that dick?” She smiles as he puts it in her pussy. They try different positions, all of them make Jessica look amazing. Eric cums in her mouth, but she wants more looking over at the cameraman. She pulls out his cock sucking it, and that turns Eric on so much he starts fucking her again. They both cum in her needy mouth.

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