Venusss Fetish - Handcuffed, helpless and exposed


Venusss Fetish - Handcuffed, helpless and exposed
What would you do if you found me like this? Naked, tied, helpless and exposed? And having been in this situation for a few hours, my armpits are sweaty and starting to give off odors. This would be your perfect opportunity to fulfill your fetishes, wouldn't it? Finally his tongue could run along my perfect curves until his nose found my so desired armpits. You would lick it voraciously while I squirm all over torn between pleasure and fear! Now imagine my mouth spitting and saliva running down my arms, through my armpits and down to my feet. A lot of saliva! You greedily sip every drop of drool as you smell the scents my body exudes, fulfilling your dream of finally licking and smelling a female armpit... I'm helpless, tied up and ready for you. Do you come?

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